Founder’s Letter

Bringing Hope to the Family provides care and support to orphans and displaced families, restoring hope and improving the quality of life in communities affected by HIV and AIDs, poverty, and tragedies.

We holistically work to change families from dependency to self-sustainability.

Our goal is to implement a 5-year support plan that enables the following:

• Provide basic humanitarian resources such as clean water by building more water wells

• Improve the opportunities of the youngest citizens by developing and delivering educational programs that are accessible to all

• Provide basic and necessary resources to change families from dependency to economic self-sufficiency through targeted initiatives that teach skills such as farming and business management

• Improve access to basic health care and elevate the quality of health care delivery

Everyone can play a role in lifting the standards and opportunities of the impoverished. With the support and guidance of our partnership with Bringing Hope to the Family Uganda, we aim to secure funding that will eliminate poverty and help create a rich and lasting inheritance for all families impacted by Bringing Hope to the Family.

It takes a dedicated community to achieve our 5-year plan. Will you join us?