Hope for a better future

Scholarship Program

We believe higher education lifts people out of poverty and gives them hope for a better future. In addition to BHTF’s nursery, primary, and secondary schools, we financially support as many young adults as possible to pursue education in a specific trade, from carpentry to teaching to tailoring. Mastery in vocational skills empowers young men and women to establish their businesses, sell goods for income, and support their families.

Restoring Hope

The Story of Lucas Ruhinda

We’d like to share the story of Lucas Ruhinda.

Lucas, 28, graduated from New Hope Vocational Training Institute with a degree in carpentry in 2010. When he was a teenager, Lucas needed to drop out of secondary school since his parents did not have the financial means to support him. When Lucas’ mother approached Bringing Hope to the Family for help, we enrolled him in New Hope Vocational Training. In the two-year carpentry program, Lucas learned invaluable skills and mastered the art of carpentry.

Upon completion of the program in 2020, Lucas established a carpentry workshop where he builds products such as chairs, tables, beds, and benches to sell and support his family.
Due to Lucas’ thriving business, he was able to support his three siblings through vocational schools, changing their futures for the better. Nowadays, Lucas lives with his wife and baby girl in a house he built on a plot of land he purchased, something which was unimaginable prior to vocational school.