Providing Primary Health Services

Hope Again Medical Clinic

As the nearest hospital is a 45 minute drive on precarious roads, the Hope Again Medical Clinic provides primary health care services which include:

  • Complimentary treatment to all HIV/AIDs positive orphans
  • Complimentary testing and counseling to the Kyenjojo community
  • Vaccination programs
  • Diagnose diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis
  • Maternity care for high risk pregnancies

We have two doctors, six nurses, two midwives, and nine supporting staff. The clinic has provided medical attention to nearly 1,300 HIV/AIDs positive patients since its inception, and we plan to continue serving the Kyenjojo District as we fight the spread of HIV and AIDs.

If you would like to contribute towards BHTF Uganda’s medical clinic expenses to continue and expand our work, please consider donating here.