Community Development


A Safe and Loving Home

Home Again Children’s Home

Home Again Children’s Home is BHTF Uganda’s first project, currently serving 95 children with 8 staff. Since our inception in 2000, we have served 489 children.

Home Again Children’s Home targets serving children who have been abandoned, forced out of their homes, or tragically lost families at a young age. Not only does HACH provide a safe and loving home, they also provide opportunities for their orphans to attend nursery, primary, and secondary schools, as well as university.

If you would like to contribute towards renovating and improving our HACH facilities and hiring more caretakers, please consider donating here.

Restoring Hope

Clean Water Wells Project

We believe access to clean water is a basic human right, not a privilege. However, the Kaihura Village community and the surrounding rural areas have minimal access to water and it is often unsafe to drink and polluted with chemicals and disease.

BHTF has built 63 wells in the last two decades, and we are in urgent need of building 12 more wells as our community has grown.

Each well costs $10,000 US dollars to properly construct and implement maintenance protocol. We ensure our wells remain clean and safe for decades so that it continues to benefit the local people.

If you would like to contribute towards building a well, please consider donating here.


Nurturing cusine and handcrafted artisan goods

Red Earth Café and Salon

The women of Bringing Hope to the Family Uganda established Red Earth Cafe to provide food and financial support to the children in BHTF Uganda’s care. The women sell food and handcrafted artisan goods as well as cooking meals for vulnerable impoverished households in Kaihura village.

Sustainable Modern Agriculture

Kyongera Farm

Kyongera Farm, established in 2009, is located in Kyenjojo District with the goal of supplying Bringing Hope to the Family staff, children, and families with nutritious produce. Obtaining good, healthy produce near Kaihura is a challenge due to lack of supply and increasing cost of goods.

Kyongera Farm also trains locals in agricultural skills to become more sustainable and educated in modern agricultural practices. Since our inception, we have grown acres of bananas, coffee, corn, carrots, cabbage, and tomatoes, as well as installing water tanks and pumps for ease of farming.

If you would like to help us purchase more land and purchase necessary equipment (seeds, pesticides, tools, etc.), please consider donating here.


Medical Care and Schooling

Kanyegaramire Community Program

Bringing Hope to the Family Uganda saw a great need in Kanyegaramire, a nearby area which was overlooked by the government. There are minimal schooling options, leaving children to help their families at home rather than seeking an education. There are also no medical facilities in Kanyegaramire, causing a high mortality rate in pregnant women.

Since 2017, we have been working to build a medical facility with eight rooms in Kanyegaramire, but construction has been on hold as we await funds to complete the project.

In the meantime, we have provided scholastic materials to children in Kanyegaramire and have brought children to BHTF’s facilities to be educated and cared for through our programs.

If you are interested in giving towards completing the medical facility and educational initiative in Kanyegaramire, please consider donating here.