Holiday Giving

It’s Christmas Blessing time in the Village of Kaihura!

Christmas is the time of year when Bringing Hope to the Family provides our children with individual gifts and special meals to celebrate the season, expresses gratitude to our devoted staff, and welcomes the new year.

This year, 196 children, mostly orphans, are looking forward to a modest cash gift to take on a special shopping trip to Fort Portal, 46 miles away, where they will select and buy new clothes and shoes for themselves. Then, throughout the Christmas season, we will cook, eat, play, and celebrate reunion with friends and family.

Your donation to our Christmas Blessing will ensure that the children and the community of the Village of Kaihura can enjoy and revel in the special joys of the season. Thank you for giving!

All contributions are tax-deductible.

NonProfit EIN #: 85-1595609


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