Meet Rachel Cai, our Ambassador Program Coordinator

My name is Rachel Cai, and I’m a Senior undergraduate student at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Ambassador Program Coordinator for Bringing Hope to the Family USA (BHTF USA).

My Background

I was drawn to volunteering with BHTF USA because of their emphasis in orphan care and child education. In a developmental psychology course at USC, I learned about Romanian orphans and how neglect at a young age has a real lasting negative effect. Orphaned children are more prone to develop long-term mental and emotional health issues, and researchers have realized there is a likely correlation to the underserved nature of orphanages.

Having grown up in a wholesome, loving home, I recognize many children do not have the same family support or encouragement to pursue aspirations. It truly pains me to see children be neglected and abandoned as it wasn’t their choice – they are voiceless. Just like how it wasn’t my “choice” to be blessed with a supportive family.


I believe in BHTF’s work because they have successfully provided safety, care, and hope to orphans for over 20 years. I’m inspired by success stories shared by our Executive Director, Christine Deschaine, and Founder, Faith Kunihira, about children given opportunities to pursue higher education and becoming doctors, engineers, and educators – all thanks to generous donors.

The Young Adult Ambassador Program

While I complete my education at USC, I recognize more than ever the power of higher education and its ability to lift individuals out of poverty. I’m excited to share BHTF’s mission and my passion about the organization with other college students through the Young Adult Ambassador Program.

We have many practical ways for college students to become involved and any level of involvement benefits BHTF and children in their care. We intend to host guest speaker events aimed to encourage personal and professional growth through networking and one-on-one mentorship programs with established adult professionals. If you have interest in learning more, please contact me at [email protected]